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Dawn's Column Swimsuits And Summer Vacation
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A couple months ago when my guy told me we were going to go on vacation for a week in sunny San Diego this summer, I was elated. We were there briefly a couple years ago and wanted to return when we could spend more time.

After my initial excitement, my next thought was: "Oh #@%!, I gotta get into swimsuit shape if I'm going to be hanging out on the beaches of San Diego."

There's nothing like a little competition on the beach to spur a girl into action. There's also the much-dreaded thought of trying on swimsuits in the harsh, fluorescent lighting of department store dressing rooms to make one reconsider eating that chocolate donut.

Ah, if I could only be transported back in time to the days when my fit body showed that I ran six days a week and my bikinis consisted of less fabric than my underwear. Of course, that was also a time when I could eat whatever I wanted. Chocolate donuts be damned; they never showed up on my lean, muscular thighs.

Time to snap out of fantasyland. The news came that we had to postpone the trip to San Diego and would go to Tahoe instead. I love Tahoe but my motivation for a bikini bod fizzled. Tahoe has a great beach area on the South Shore but it's just not the same.

Nevertheless, before finding out about the vacation, I was intermittently working out. Not nearly as much as I should be, but I've also been changing my diet and supplement regimen. Since my days of running are over, I'd been looking for an affordable yoga class at a convenient time and came up empty when I learned the city's Parks and Rec had cancelled the one they offered.

Meanwhile, the weather has been getting hotter. Times were getting desperate and I needed to find a new swimsuit because what I had in my repertoire of swimwear was reminiscent of my younger, firmer self.