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Donuts, Part Two
Marg-Ins 9-15-21

Twice, in the same day this past week, people mentioned how my daughter and son-in-law used donuts as their wedding cake and as the primary dessert at their wedding dinner, having a specially crafted ‘donut wall’ available.

Unusual in how that topic came up in both conversations, in two totally different settings, on the same day. And neither person that brought it up could really believe it has been almost two years since the wedding.

There was the maple bar disappearance to deal with that day in October of 2019 – and the subsequent sending out of multiple people to procure another one, since they were using a decorated ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ maple bar as their piece of wedding ‘cake’ to share. We ultimately ended up with three so all turned out well.

And when Ally and Judd announced they were expecting, the posting included a couple of donuts and a donut hole. Just have to keep that theme going.

It was nice, though, to have people remember that wedding-themed column and even more fun to share the ‘baby’s coming’ news. On another front, we can share a ‘baby’s here’ announcement. Ally’s best friend Katelyn delivered her baby early; he arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule as he wasn’t expected until the end of September.

I have already filled up the ‘cloud storage’ on my iPhone but can add more space; something tells me I am going to need a whole lot more in a few months. In fact, there are several photos and videos from my vacation trip back to New York in July that need to be added so there is a storage purchase in my future.

And now that we’re into mid-September, the time is going to fly by. Holidays, a baby shower (or two), family get-togethers; January will be here before we know it.

We might even have to throw in a housewarming as Judd and Ally are finally in to their first home, paying on a home loan instead of to a rental agency. They are settling in, the house has already been painted, new flooring installed, a new roof put on – Ally was most excited about picking out a dining room set since there is actually a place for a table and chairs. No more eating off tray tables in front of the TV or using the kitchen counter. Both of the previous two places they lived in didn’t have ‘eat in’ space and that’s one of the things she was happiest about. They also have a big front yard and a big backyard. Good right now for the dog, good in the future for the dog, the kid(s) and, when they get the opportunity, a backyard fire pit so we can all hang out and make s’mores.

They did the interior painting themselves and Judd used a sprayer for changing the outdoor color; they also did a lot of work in the backyard to clean it up and there were various combinations of family members helping out from time to time.

I went to the little rental house to help Ally pack up some boxes and Judd confessed that was scary, as he was looking to get rid of a lot of items and was afraid that with his pack rat mother-in-law at the helm, everything would go to the new house.

My penchant for keeping absolutely everything comes from my dad, who has multiple storage areas at different locations for his stuff – because it is all good stuff. He even still has the Indian motorcycle he got for me when I was a teenager; it needs a few parts but, maybe someday, we’ll get it all put back together.

Still, I did prove Judd wrong; there were more than a few items that went into the garbage can and not the ‘to go’ boxes. Even so, he was amazed at how much ‘stuff’ they have accumulated in just a couple years of marriage. And now that they have their own house and more space, who knows? Maybe when they are unpacking all those boxes, they’ll decide to have a garage sale. If they do, I might have to go check that out, see if there is anything I need.


Marg Jackson is editor of The Escalon Times, The Oakdale Leader and The Riverbank News. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.