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Focus On Home Safety In June
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With schools out for the summer, many families will be spending more time at home. The increased time and activities at home can also increase the chance of being injured, something experienced by one out of every four families, according to a recent Home Safety Council survey. To help families reduce accidents and injuries at home, First Alert and the Home Safety Council are working together to urge families to take stock of their home safety plans during June Home Safety Month.

"June is an ideal time for families to spend a few hours together to prepare their homes inside and outside for a fun and family-oriented summer," said Debbie Hanson, director of external affairs at First Alert. "Reviewing potential risks with every member of our family and taking proper precautions through a room-by-room safety audit will increase your knowledge and reduce the risk of serious injury."

Surprisingly, the Home Safety Council Safety Survey finds that nearly half (46 percent) of respondents have not taken any action to prevent the leading causes of home injury.

The Home Safety Council and First Alert suggest the following easy-to-follow tips that can help keep family members, friends and loved ones safe this summer: