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Letters To The Editor
Remember The Less Fortunate
Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

I have heard many suggestions on ways to help the homeless and low-income persons during this holiday season and beyond. One easy way is to go into your closets at home and pull out those usable coats and jackets to help keep the homeless warm this winter.

To help the folks who might have some food insecurity, cash donations, however so slight, will be welcome by food banks and pantries. Most of these organizations have online sites where donations can be made, like the Oakdale Family Church - Nazarene. Let us surely not forget organizations like the Salvation Army or the Second Harvest food bank programs. If you are unable to make a cash donation on the Internet, maybe just drop a check in the mail.

Most of us have made such charity donations in the past. So we have a very good idea of where to send a bit of cash as a donation. No amount is too small.

These extras to these charities can make a better time of it for those in need, and it does not take a large donation to accomplish this. Please be in a giving mood this winter season,

Daniel Marsh