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Letter To The Editor 3-17-21
Salute To Sutter
Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

I am caregiver for my husband. We have been in isolation since March 2020. We both qualify for the over 75 Vaccine tier. When the State skipped over our tier and went straight to the 65 and older group there were people standing in line for HOURS. My husband would never have been able to wait in a line even if the line had been indoors.

In desperation I mailed a letter to EACH of the five Oak Valley Hospital board members requesting they use OVH as an Appointment only site for administering the vaccine. Not only would this help their most vulnerable/at risk population but would be great P.R. I am saddened to say that not one of them even had the courtesy to answer my letter. Yes, I also included my phone number and email.

I am happy to say that Sutter did right by seniors. We and many of our senior friends have now received our second vaccine through Sutter’s over 75, appointment only clinics. I am thrilled to soon be able to shop for my own groceries and rejoin the world.

Rochelle Kearns