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Mom On Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is once again upon us.

This year marks my 11th year as a ‘mom’ to humans. As an animal lover and dog owner I considered myself a mom to some degree well before lying in a delivery room and holding my first seven pound baby.

That day changed my life, and every day which would follow has never been the same as the one which preceded it.

I had read all the books, spoke to all the right people and I was certain I would have a complete handle on this newest job. The ‘job’ of mom. The job you never get a break from. The job which brings you the most gratitude and just as much pain.

What I didn’t know 11 years ago was that being a mom and how to do it effectively can’t be found in a book. The books offer help, reassurance and sometimes refuge as you wonder how much are you screwing this up?

Yes, we live with a lot of doubt and uncertainty, yet somehow the hugs, kisses and accomplishments make that seem trivial Peeking in on them when they sleep, nursing them back to health when they’re ill and celebrating with them when they’re prideful.

There is no job that can pay you like the job of mom.

It took a total of eight years combined between my two children for me to sit among this elite club. Six years of testing, trying and lots of praying and then two more years hoping lightning would strike again. God smiles when He gives us children to steward, I believe that.

So here we are… Mother’s Day… a day when (if we’re lucky enough) our loved ones pause and shower us with love, gratitude and maybe a goody or two. I love that my kids and PIC get excited for this day and how they will surprise me. It’s sweet. What they don’t know until now, is there is no gift or card on Mother’s Day that can measure up or surpass what I live each and every day.

The ‘thank you mommy’ for placing dinner on the table, the kiss on my forehead after a day that left me feeling defeated or the giggles we share in the car as we travel as a family.

Those are the gifts revisited time and time again, the gifts of family. Yes, of course I still love the things they’ve made me or picked out themselves. The cards are all beautiful and thoughtful, but they… they are my gift.

They are the reason I rise before the sun comes up on most days and hit the bed exhausted each night. They are the reason I sit to write words for each of you to read versus traveling the world with a back pack and good book. They are the reason I choose each and every day to try and ‘show up’ and be better than the day before.

I thank God each and every day for choosing me to be the one they look to and call mom. For my forehead to be the one that my PIC comforts often when they go to bed.

So, to all my fellow sisters, the ones who brave the frontline and know the truth of each of these words... Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you feel as abundant in your gifts as I do mine. God bless.



Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.