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The first quarter of 2017 has gotten off to a promising start.

Truth be told, I had to look at the calendar three times after typing that to check my accuracy. As quick and full as it has been, it would seem that yes, in fact, the first quarter is now behind us.

As a family we are excited to be back in the baseball business and it could not have come soon enough. While my two sport gills rather than gloves in the way of sports skills, we as a family enjoy our Giants baseball.

Baseball season got an early start for me personally, as I was able to make a trip to Arizona in early March and attend Spring Training. It was a Bucket List item I placed in my brain a handful of years ago. There was no completion date noted, just a simple ‘someday.’ In complete honesty the notion first came to me by way of a Fun Run hosted by the Giants as part of their annual race series.

I’ve run the San Francisco Giants race, hosted at AT&T Park for the better part of the past six years. Of all the races I’ve run it is hands down my favorite as it celebrates Giants fans and their families like no other. Race distances vary, making it fitness level friendly and all participants cross the Finish Line situated in left field. In short … it’s a baseball fan’s dream come true. Crossing a Finish Line and looking up at the enormity and beauty of a ballpark.

But I digress … baseball tends to do that to me. However, if you are a Giants fan I highly recommend you check it out for a personal or family outing. You won’t regret it.

So in early January as I scrambled for a reason, er … ummm, excuse, to take me to Arizona to visit my girlfriend and her family, I remembered the race. Long story short I not only registered for the 10k I’d hoped to run there ‘someday,’ but the Giants happened to have a game against the A’s the day before. Really!?! Who gets this lucky? Apparently I do.

To say it was four days I will not soon forget is an understatement. Out of body would seem more accurate. My poor girlfriend was hugged with a ‘Thank you’ probably more times than she cares to recall. Granted, I paid my way, I ran the race, but her making the time, juggling the kids and opening her home made it not only possible but all the better.

The momentum of that early March quick trip was just enough to carry me through to last Saturday. The final game that didn’t count, but a fun rivalry all the same.

As seems to be my good fortune, Editor Marg Jackson and I were gifted tickets to the game by fellow colleague, dear friend and resident A’s fan Michelle Kendig as a Christmas gift. The three of us included another dear friend and true Giants Gamer, Jen and a day of fun was set.

Sparing play by plays and details, I can say it was a true Gamer/Golden Girl experience as the four of us (three in black and orange and one not –wink wink) took in a day of friendship and baseball. Of course it was made all the better by a Giants win, which included a grand slam, but again it’s not a game that counts. Winning, however, is always fun.

Baseball is back.

And so now here we are, as this goes to press, my kids and I will be parked in front of our television watching our second game of the new season. A family tradition which I seem to grow more fond of, as they grow older and engage more in the strategy of the game. My chess player son – following along with base coaches and management calls/decisions. Balanced properly by his hippie heart sister, complete with glove in hand and cheering at the ready.

We love baseball. They love the excitement, the connection and the pride it brings them in a city they know as a second home. For me … the mommy? I’m learning more about the gift of baseball, not just the sport but the pastime. Someday these two will likely follow suit, just as I did. They will sit through painstaking games with friends and family. They will laugh at memories made and those being made. Ultimately (if lucky enough) they will recall the lessons that baseball taught them about sportsmanship, risk taking and life. In closing it’s best summarized by a quote from the one and only shirt I bought while attending Spring Training 2017.

“Live life like a 3-1 count.” – Baseballism


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.