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Mask Wearing In America
More From Mollette 4-21-21

Like most everyone else, I’m tired of wearing a mask.

Every time I go to the grocery, a restaurant, church, or work I have to put on a mask. Not long ago, if we wore a mask into a bank or convenience store, the attendants would be alarmed and call 911. Today if we don’t wear one, we are in trouble and not welcomed.

A lot of people have died from COVID-19 and thus I understand masks are important in this pandemic era. I don’t want a disease. I have had two Pfizer shots and I wear a mask most every place I go.

Is it our American, God given right to take off our masks? While we are free to take off our masks, others are free to ask us to put them on. The business owner has the freedom to require a mask. The airlines have the freedom to require masks. The religious assembly has the freedom to require you to wear a mask. People with whom you socialize may ask that you wear a mask. Of course, you are free to not patronize those businesses, forsake religious assembly and not hang out with certain people.

You are free to go maskless if you want to. However, you aren’t free to be in someone else’s face without a mask if they don’t want you there without one. There are many places where you aren’t allowed to smoke. There are some businesses that will not allow your pet. They have the freedom to refuse you service and you have the freedom to go somewhere else. This is America.

We’ve all been to the funeral home around sick people. A dear friend of mine eulogized a funeral in late November. Two people were in attendance who had COVID-19. He caught the virus and was dead by mid-December. He spent his last two weeks of life isolated in intensive care. He meant well in trying to help out a family in their time of grief. It cost him his life. He had been very active and healthy.

I’ve spoken in churches and to groups where people would come up and shake my hand and then say, “Well, I’ve been sick, but I came anyway.” They acted like they should have received a trophy for coming and contaminating everyone. In reality, their actions were inconsiderate of everyone else’s health.

State governments may remove mask mandates. However, keep in mind that business owners still have the right to require masks. Churches still have the right to require masks. You don’t have to let anyone in your home without a mask if you choose.

We have freedom in America to make choices - all of us.


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