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Mommy Musings 8/28/19
A Dog, A Squirrel And A Point
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Some days I really have no clue where this space will end up.

The job of column writing is unique in the way of you never really know what’s up next. Most times, something in my life inspires me to share a story or anecdote I hope readers might either relate to or find entertaining. Sometimes (this time) my head might go in multiple directions before finally having a seat at my laptop. Conflicting ideas on what to share battling it out in my brain. Columnist problems.

So Monday morning, as I set out to find the right words for one of a few varying topics inside my brain, I was saved by a “squirrel” moment. Ironically that word stemming from the Pixar hit movie Up and Doug the dog, as he gets distracted with the word “SQUIRREL!” proclaimed each time is exactly how it happened.

Monday, Aug. 26 was also National Dog Day.

As I journeyed through town, I thought of my own sweet pup and all the joy she brings to our family. This thought naturally traveled to my son’s pug, a rescue Christmas present for him almost two years ago. In true squirrel fashion the thoughts continued to all the other dogs we’ve been blessed to call family, as well as the extended family of dogs we have through family and friends. In short – we’re dog people.

I also gave some thought to this “National” holiday and wondered whose idea it was. In fairness, there’s just about a day for anything we might love: donuts, hot dogs, ice cream and my personal favorite – margaritas.

In the vain of responsible journalism I found an actual National Day Calendar website. In staying true to my in ability to stay focused for too long, I have nothing to report on my findings on the page. You see, the rainbow wheel of my computer (when it’s trying so hard to connect to the internet) just seemed to keep spinning as I tried to uncover the Holy Grail of National days and I just couldn’t wait any longer. It was, after all, deadline day.

That coupled by the fact that it was also National Dog Day, I was trying to be as productive as possible in a minimal amount of time. I mean, I needed to get home to fawn over my pups and make sure they were properly celebrated.

As might seem fitting and not at all surprising, we learned of the “National” day of importance as I was driving my duo to their respective school campuses. Our black lab Charlotte makes it her job to taxi them to school with me each day, positioning herself by the rear tire of our car approximately five minutes before leaving each morning.

It’s mind boggling to me how smart these pups are. She only does this on school days. She has studied us that much, as to know the difference between a weekend day, when we might be packing up for an outing versus packing up for school.

She also knows the difference between when I’m heading out for work versus the gym or a run, placing herself in her kennel for the aforementioned and sitting at the back door hoping to see her leash for a run on the latter.

So this column is for two readers, I guess you could say. For the dog lover, I hope you enjoyed the National day with your four-legged family member. I especially hope they bring you as much joy and love as ours do.

For my fellow squirrels, cheers to a brain which operates at warp speed and if we’re lucky eventually circles back so we can complete that initial thought. An extra special chin chin and cheers to those who love us, for not just trying to keep up, but having the patience to make it through to the end of our point.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.