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Over The Rainbow
Sarah Says 3-23-22

Every human goes through times in their lives when we wish that no one had to pass away, animal or human. We wish that no one had to leave and we never have to say goodbye, but sadly we aren’t that lucky.

The other week I had to put down my dog Dalilah, she was a pug and Chihuahua mix and she was about to turn 15 years old. That is already a very long age for a dog but also a super long age for a pug. She was our family dog that we got when I was five. She was black and had white paws and a white tummy and a little bit of white throughout her face. She was the best dog ever, always friendly and always down for a belly rub.

My aunt took her in when we couldn’t house her anymore and that’s where she lived for more than half her life and we just went to her house to see her and play with her.

We named her Dalilah because the night we got her that song “Hey there Dalilah” came out and it was a good fit.

She was recently going into complications with her back legs and losing some sight in one of her eyes, and other things, but I felt like she knew it was her time.

I moved into my aunt’s house around a year ago from my old college dorms so I got the privilege to live with Dalilah for her last year.

It was a really hard week for me coming up to her appointment date, but I had the best support from my close friends, family, and amazing coworkers.

The day of, I didn’t plan on coming into work, but later in the day I decided to because I thought it would be a great distraction and I was right. I got hugs and support right when I walked into the office and I instantly felt better.

The next day I was sitting at my desk and here comes these amazing people I work with in a line with a signed card from all of them and flowers. They also got me this beautiful rainbow bracelet with a doggy paw and a rainbow pin with a card about my pup going over the rainbow bridge into peace. I felt so loved of course I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I wish that animals and people didn’t have to pass, but I know that when they do, they are going to a better place.

I got her paw print and I am planning on that being my next tattoo, and I forever will know Dalilah as the best dog ever.

She was loved by family, friends, neighbors, and even the ladies at the vet. Everyone always fell head over heels when they saw her and always commented on how cute she was.

All my friends loved her as their own, and were there the night before to shower her with love.

I will forever be thankful for everyone in my life through this whole process as it was my first time being there for putting an animal down.

I don’t think I will ever forget that day, but more importantly I will never forget her.

I have another dog at home named Max, the same breed as Dalilah, and he is four; my aunt rescued him when he was a little over a year old, so he got a good chunk of time with her too. My aunt, Max, and I are getting past it together and working hard on making sure we are all okay.

Instances like this are always hard to go through, but then again that just makes us human. Humans go through things, we learn, we accept, and we grow.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a land that I’ve heard of, once in a lullaby.”


Sarah Lawson is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Escalon Times and The Riverbank News; she can be reached at