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The Possibilities Are Endless
Sarah Says 1-5-22
s lawson

As a new reporter for The Oakdale Leader (also The Escalon Times and The Riverbank News) I would like to use my first column to formally introduce myself. My name is Sarah Lawson and recently I got the amazing opportunity to work for a wholesome group such as The Leader.

I currently attend Columbia College with a major in English and a minor in photography, growing up with the dream of becoming a journalist. My goal is to transfer from Columbia with my associate’s degree to a four year college either continuing online or restarting in person classes.

Writing has always been a joy of mine, from simple poetry, to pages and pages of stories that I thought I could turn into a book that I absolutely do not have the attention span to complete. So instead I took the passion of writing and put it in the direction of journaling. I have a journal that I write in either every day or every week for the past five years straight.

It all started in high school when I joined yearbook, writing and formatting pages and taking photos. After I completed the first year of that class I just knew, I knew that this is what I will be doing in my future.

Giving a voice to the voiceless constantly revolves around my mind like a carousel, reminding me that Journalism is more than just words, it is hope. Becoming a journalist gives me hope that I can be that one person that can make a small difference in the world for writing.

You do not have to be a certain age to chase your dreams. They are right there for the taking, ready to be achieved. It still confuses my mind sometimes that I am only 20 years old and currently writing my column for the newspaper. Me, writing for a paper, opening up doors for myself filled with endless possibilities. It brings this pure joy that warms up my life, something that I never had the chance to feel before.

I remember the satisfaction of my first day of college, knowing I was a first time college student and I was making my family proud. Always talking about writing for a newspaper someday, and eventually working for National Geographic and writing about the planet and animals and taking photos as well. We can always talk about where we want to be one day, what we want to achieve, how we plan to do it, but the part that means the most is the steps we choose to take in the direction of it.

My mom is the biggest supporter in everything I do. She was always there, ready with her arms open for an embrace that we both wish lasted forever. This past January of 2021 she moved to Las Vegas, she worked hard all her life to have the chance to buy her dream house in a new area to explore such as Sin City itself. She didn’t live as close anymore; she was now out of reach, which gave me the push that I needed. I knew at that moment that I needed to push, to grow, to prosper. To one day be as successful as her. I owe everything to her, even when I thought I had no chance to make it anywhere, she gave me all the chances worldly possible.

I enjoy looking for the deeper meanings in life. Just like when you read a book and look for the themes and then re-read it and find more that you may have missed, I enjoy doing that with life. Even when we don’t see it, life is full of possibilities. Constantly paving paths for us every day, our choices we make is the only thing that affects which path we are put on. Right now, I am ecstatic on the path I am on and excited to see where it goes.

I found my new home at The Leader office; home sweet home.


Sarah Lawson is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Escalon Times and The Riverbank News; she can be reached at