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Seasons and Sun
Mommy Musings 04-19-23

I feel as if I owe us all an apology.

My Monday morning started with the simplest of column ideas, which I just knew everyone would appreciate: Spring. Several beautiful days of sunshine and outside shenanigans behind us, it just seemed time.

As I traveled through town, seeing families out on their bikes, walking dogs or playing at the park; some working on their yards, putting blossoms or veggies in the ground, I woke up Monday thinking … yes! finally we have made it to Spring.

Yet, now as I type this in the middle of that same day, find myself snuggled in a sweater wondering if my simple thought has jinxed us to more cold and rain.

Oh yes, I hear you beautiful optimists and the whole, “we need the rain” gang, but this, well; this is plain crazy.

While we do indeed need the rain, the way in which it’s stormed through our orchards and fields, in many cases has been damaging, which isn’t good. It seems to be a non-existent balance any longer- ya know- seasons, like the good ol’ days.

Weather any more just seems to have its own bi-polar personality. No disrespect to those struggling with this in real life, but knowing what to wear or when any more has just become a true guessing game.

So at the risk of insulting or disappointing those who love the rain, need it to continue or just simply aren’t in a hurry to have sunshine again; my apologies.

My favorite seasons happen to be Spring and Fall. Yet somehow those two seasons have become few and far between. Somehow we are now sandwiched between the intense heat of summer and the wind, rain, even sleet of winter.

Yes, yes I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. One cloudy day does not make an extension of winter, but can I just share the rude factor in all of this for a second?

I’m also an allergy sufferer.

The rain with a dash of sun, has really made this fun for those of us who succumb to “itchy, watery eyes” you hear about on commercials. So how I see it, is if I’m going to have to be puffy eyed and miserable, can it at least happen with the warmth of the sun beaming on my toes in sandals? Please.

Weather is a funny thing. As I type this, I’m honestly shaking my head. I mean, come on Teresa, how much can a girl actually say about a prolonged winter? Plenty.

Instead however, I’ll just simply take this opportunity to liken the unpredictability to life.

Often times myself, as well as my friends speak of the “season” we are in pertaining to life. As I reflect on events of late with myself as well as a number of those close to me, some seasons just seem to linger a bit longer than we might hope.

Typically speaking, when I find myself in conversation acknowledging this I tend to follow it with, “Welcome to life.”

Be it weather or life circumstance it’s all just best guestimate. We never truly know what life is going to throw us on any given day. Just as the weather person is an estimated guesser, so too are we.

Sure, it’s nice to think we have the plans all made so that things are just as they should be. Often times that may be how it goes, but then life can throw you a pandemic, house fire, illness; you get the drift. Whatever it may throw sometimes the best laid plan, is no plan at all.

So as I look to my neglected garden pots of sadness, awaiting some TLC and good weather rather than fill a calendar of what I’ll plant when, for this season perhaps I’ll just roll with it.

When that sun comes a shining, however, you know where I’ll be … beneath it and happy.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 209-847-3021.