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Sneak Peek
Marg-Ins 10-20-21

There are not too many words to describe it.

Or maybe there are too many.

Regardless, there she was. In a 3D/4D view, my daughter, son-in-law and I got to see her. And the first thing we all said was: “She’s got Ally’s nose.”

In fact, in talking with others that viewed the photos Ally posted after the ultrasound appointment, that’s pretty much what everyone said.

My granddaughter is due to arrive in mid-January and on Oct. 15, we got a chance for a sneak peek. I was able to go into the room with Ally, Judd and the technician to view the session. She had hiccups when the tech first found her; Ally couldn’t even feel it but it was obvious the baby had the hiccups. It may have been the small amount of caffeine they recommend you drink before arrival; they said it helps to get the baby awake and cooperative for the photo session.

It was amazing to see not only the hiccups but also the chambers of the heart, the heart beating at a strong and solid 130 beats per minute. We saw her spine, her ribs, got to see her little arms and – inherited from her father – her long legs, which she was stretching out over her head. We may end up with a volleyball player or a very tall yoga instructor.

Ally felt bad, afraid she was not providing enough room for the baby to stretch out. That will change – I refer to her right now as Jiffy Pop because every time I see her, Ally’s belly is popping out just a little bit more, expanding like that popular late nighttime snack food you pop up on the stove.

And if it’s possible, there also seemed to be a little bit of attitude going on, when the baby would be uncooperative and throw her arm up in front of her face or turn away from the technician’s tool that was trying to bring her into focus.

But the real show was when we had the opportunity to see that face. The technician first showed us the profile and literally said what a beautiful profile it was; right down to her mommy-influenced nose. When she cooperated and held still long enough for some good photos, it was incredible.

The session was in a room with low light and some aromatherapy for relaxing mom and baby. They currently allow just a couple of other people in and I was the lucky one asked to attend.

I didn’t cry, which made me curious, I thought I might. But I was too busy just studying the contours of her face and marveling at the technology to get too emotional. I didn’t want to miss anything, not a hiccup, not a little arm flailing out in a punching motion when the technician disturbed her, not a view of her crossing her arms over her chest or putting them up by an ear as if using them as a pillow.

The baby yawned, gave us a half smile, gave us a definite pout. Ally expressed concern about how chubby the baby’s cheeks were, while Judd was just taking it all in. I never sat down, even though there was plenty of seating; I just kept getting closer and closer to the big screen as the session continued, looking at every detail.

And, this being my first grandchild, I really don’t know the protocol. So for all of you around the community that were forced to look at the 3D/4D photos I stored on my phone and was eager to share, thank you for being gracious enough to look at them with me.

The baby shower is next, then we get full steam into the holidays, so this last trimester I think will be pretty fast. Which is good; I can’t wait to see that familiar nose and chubby cheeks in person.


Marg Jackson is editor of The Escalon Times, The Oakdale Leader and The Riverbank News. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.