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Wishing Won’t Make It So
Live Without Limits 03-08-23

Everyone wishes for good fortune and a problem free life. Yet many people are disappointed with their situations. Is wishing effective or is it overrated? The answer is yes to both. So what’s the catch?

Wishing alone is unproductive. If you want results, wishing must be followed by action. Wishing without action is as ineffective as leaving your car in neutral. Without being in gear, revving the engine at full throttle will make a lot of noise but won’t move you an inch.

Whenever you were told to wish for what you wanted, you were given only half the story. People who pin their hopes on wishes coming true are invariably disappointed. They are disheartened when their wishing fails to generate results. Even wishing really hard isn’t dependable. True, some wishes will come true on their own, but these are few and far between.

As much as patience may be a virtue, wishing and waiting is of no avail. Those who passively wait for wishes to materialize will be waiting for a very long time. Again, without the infusion of action, wishing yields little, if any, results.

Now that I’ve pointed out the limitations of wishing, let me emphasize that wishing is an essential component of reaching your goals. Wishing puts seeds of desire into your mind. This process is the foundation of all achievement. Your mind, the most powerful tool known, will go to work nonstop to find a way to transform your wishes into reality.

Your mind is prepared to create an action plan for you. But without understanding the importance of following a wish with action, you will not benefit from your mind’s work. If you are not looking for an action plan, you won’t release the full power of your mind to find one.

Instead, you will be restricting the awesome capability of your mind to merely contemplating wishes. It’s as if you are at the controls of a high-performance jet, capable of supersonic flight, but are content to confine your travel to taxiing around the airport. Even though your jet is capable of taking you to any destination, you never even leave the ground.

Here’s how to make wishes come true. Start with a wish, any wish. Don’t limit yourself by only wishing for what you think is possible. The infinite power of your mind only recognizes restrictions you impose on it.

Next, imagine the wish coming true. How would you feel? How would you act? Maintain your mental focus on your wish. Don’t just give it passing attention. The more you concentrate on your wish, the more you energize your mind to find a path to it.

Now you are ready to formulate an action plan. This will be your road map to bring you to your wish. Your plan will consist of specific steps you need to take, one by one, to reach your destination. Every journey, regardless of the length, is nothing more than a series of steps.

Once your plan is in place, you need to take action. This requires effort. Stay motivated by reviewing your wish daily. Remind yourself how you will feel when it comes true. Each day you should take another step, no matter how small.

Don’t give yourself a time limit. You never know how long it will take to get your wish. As soon as you stop, you guarantee your wish won’t come true. Once your wish comes true, you won’t care how long it took.

Although wishing won’t make it so, wishing combined with action, produces amazing results. Go ahead and wish, and then get moving. May you make all your wishes come true!


Bryan Golden is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.” Opinions expressed are those of the author. Contact him at or visit