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Davis Shines In Spotlight Of Senior Recognition
View From The Sidelines 5-6-20
With blocking by teammates all around, Riverbank senior running back De’Ondrey Davis, 4, plows through the defenders during the first quarter of a varsity football game in the 2019 season. The Oct. 4 Trans-Valley League game found the Bruins hosting the Huskies from Hughson. Ric McGinnis/The News

The coronavirus appears to have canceled the majority of pro and college sports, in addition to high school activities, for the immediate future. Even next fall’s high school season is in danger of being canceled as life seems to remain in limbo for the time being.

The Riverbank News, however, continues its highlight of RHS senior athletes again this week by “spotlighting” on court/on field activity this year in story and photos, with a look at Bruin De’Ondrey Davis, primarily in his 2019 campaign on the gridiron.


Bruin Football

Speedster Davis served the Riverbank football squad on both sides of the ball, playing running back on offense and defensive cornerback going the other way. As do several of the Bruin starters, the season takes a toll on the players, involved in nearly every snap in the contests.

Davis also rotated in one of the kick reception spots from time to time, utilizing his speed to improve the team’s position on the playing field.


Riverbank Track and Field

With the abrupt cancellation of the spring sports schedule of the runners, throwers and jumpers, Davis only had one opportunity to exhibit how his speed could help the team in a 100-yard dash heat. That came at the three-way home meet the Bruins hosted on March 10.

Both Amador High School and Big Valley Christian came to town, to open the pre-season scrimmage action, but just a week later, high school interscholastic competitions were put on hold, ultimately getting canceled by officials, and leaving Class of 2020 athletes unable to complete their high school sports careers as they had planned.

Davis did have several outstanding meets in the past, however, a solid performer for the RHS squad.


For the foreseeable future, we’ll continue the Spotlight Series, so next week, The News will present a look at Bruin senior cheerleader/trackster Kairi Fletcher.

Riverbank High senior De’Ondrey Davis competes in the 100-yard dash, in the only home track meet that was able to be held this year, back on March 10. It was a preseason three-way meet, with Bruin boys and girls hosting Amador High School from Sutter Creek in Amador County, and Big Valley Christian High School in Modesto. Ric McGinnis/The News
Bruin De’Ondrey Davis takes a turn at defensive back in the first quarter of a varsity football home game early in the 2019 campaign. It was a preseason contest against Delta High School of Clarksburg at the end of August last year. Though a mainstay as a running back, Davis, like many Bruin regulars, took on a defensive role in many games during the season. Ric McGinnis/The News