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Fantasy Football: Pay Attention To The Little Details
FB column

The time is rapidly approaching. We are down to the final weeks before draft time. We have covered many things over the last month and hopefully they have helped you in some fashion. However, today we focus on staying focused. Do not be that person who drafts and then set your lineup, only to abandon ship just a few weeks into the season. It is not a good look for you and falls back onto the commissioner as they could have filled that spot with someone who would really have participated the entire season.

Your league should be set up for a way to keep your interest; whether it is the reward at the end of the season; usually a large sum of cash, a trophy or other luxury award or just to avoid a humiliating punishment. You cannot win unless you commit.

To win a championship, it is not enough to just draft. No one wins their league on draft day. You have to be paying attention throughout the season. Injuries happen in an instant. Know the injury report before setting your lineup. I have said this in a previous article but always draft the backup to your star. For example, you drafted Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb in the first round, use a 10th or 12th round pick on Jerome Ford. Reason for this, if Chubb is playing at 1 p.m. and he is questionable to play, you have his backup and do not need to make the choice of starting Chubb or Ford, if Chubb is active play him.

Final advice for the week is when you’re drafting, be cautious when picking your players, remember they have bye weeks. Example, if you take Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson his bye week is scheduled for week 13. You should draft a backup quarterback who does not have the same bye week as your starter. Other quarterbacks with week 13 bye weeks are Josh Allen (Buffalo), Justin Fields (Chicago) and Daniel Jones (New York Giants). This does not just apply with quarterbacks but with all positions.

As always, I hope this helps. As we get closer and closer to draft day continue to do your research, follow every team and update.