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Fishing Report 1/30/19
fishing report

January has always been the month for boat shows. Personally, I’ve never purchased a boat from a boat show, and haven’t been to a boat show in close to 10 years. I did happen to come across an advertisement online for a new boat that was being displayed at the boat show. The price for the boat was $80,000! I’ve financed two boats in the past, and I can’t see myself doing that again. It just doesn’t make sense, especially a new bass boat. Some of these new boats are being financed beyond 20 years! My current boat I bought outright for a fraction of what a new boat cost and have enjoyed rigging and fixing it to my liking. As a result, I know just about every inch of my boat. Which wire powers what, which switch does what, and I’m not concerned the least about a hook getting into one of my seats or scratching it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting my boat together piece by piece. In the process I’ve learned a lot more about boats and look forward to new updates and additions to my boat. Most importantly, I don’t have an $80,000 boat loan floating around in my head once all the newness has worn off.


Delta Report:

Late January, early February the bigger bass should traditionally start to bite. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of weights are going to be brought to the scales this weekend. This time of year, the bites are usually far and few but are of good quality. It’s tough beating a jig or creature bait pitched around tulle clumps. If fishing in water with low visibility try the black and blue and if the water is clearer try more natural colored baits. Anglers targeting stripers are doing okay while drifting live bait or trolling rebels and bombers.


New Melones Lake:

Trout fishing continues to be good to fair for anglers fishing off the bank. Anglers are using Power Bait in rainbow or chartreuse, or a nightcrawler/scented marshmallow combo. Make sure that your bait is floating off the bottom as that seems to be the method of successful anglers right now. Anglers fishing out of boats are also having decent action while drifting live minnows under a bobber. There have also been reports of a few brown trout mixed in with the rainbows. Bass fishing continues to be slow for a lot of anglers. Those catching bass are fishing off shore structure with slow moving baits.


Lake Amador:

Anglers continue to be pleased with the trout bite. Power Bait fished off the bottom is still the best method for catching trout at Lake Amador. There are several weekly plants going on which have put some of the lake’s larger bass on the prowl. Trout imitating swimbaits have been responsible for several nice catches recently.


Lake Camanche:

Trout fishing is good right now for anglers fishing around the North Shore area. Trout are being caught on Power Bait. Anglers are also doing well while fishing in the trout ponds the lake has to offer. Bass fishing has slowed some, jigs and small worms are working well while fished slowly around sunken island tops.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing remains good, many fish are being caught while fishing the top 25 feet. Anglers are trolling a variety of different baits right now just below the surface. Bass fishing continues to be tough for anglers as the water remains very cold. Anglers fishing for bass are using jigs down to 50 feet. On my previous visit it was tough putting together a consistent pattern. I did find a few bass that were willing to bite on the downwind side of main lake points.


Lake Pardee:

Opening day is scheduled for February 15.


Featured Product:

For my recent tournament at Lake Shasta I purchased some Simms Chukka rain boots. Unlike your traditional rain boot, they were lined on the inside making them very comfortable while keeping my feet dry. I also liked that they were slightly longer than my pant leg while sitting, making them easy to take off. My only dislike was that they come in full sizes only. I had to purchase a half size up which left a little more room inside the boot than I’d like. When trying on the half size below what I normally wear, there was not enough room.