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Delta Report:

Bass fishing is good right now on the Delta. Lately, the problem for a vast majority of anglers is finding fish over two pounds. For big fish anglers are capitalizing on top water reaction strikes. For numbers of fish anglers are catching them both flipping and tossing reaction baits. Bluegill fishing remains good right now in the backs of dead end sloughs and in and around boat docks. Catfishing also remains good for anglers using cut bait throughout the Delta right now.

New Melones Lake:

Night fishing under a submersible light has been the key to catching trout once the sun goes down. Anglers are dropping their lights down to twenty feet and then fishing between 30' and 50' below the light. Trout and kokanee fishing is great right now for anglers trolling from 50'to 80' deep. Excels and Slim Fin lures have been working well for anglers trolling. A lot of smaller bass are being caught right now as the bigger fish are being caught deep off main lake points or during the early morning hours. Catfishing remains good at night for anglers fishing off the bank while using anchovies, mackerel, and sardines. Bluegills continue to provide constant action throughout the lake. There are some crappie being caught by anglers fishing around submerged trees in Bear Cove and Coyote Creek. Night fishing under a submerged light around the trees seems to be the most productive tactic right now.

Lake Tulloch:

Smallmouth bass have been providing excellent action for anglers fishing late and early with topwater lures. Once the sun is high try switching to small plastic baits fished deep, shaky head worms, darter heads, and drop shotted Robo Worms in either a craw or shad pattern should produce good results.

Lake Pardee:

Anglers are catching trout early in the morning with several limits being reported by trollers. The catfish have started to bite during the day on cut bait and clams. In order to catch catfish anglers are focusing on limited shade found along the shore from overhanging trees. Bass fishing remains good for anglers fishing top water baits during the morning hours and small plastic baits during the day.

Tip of the Week

Having a sharp hook is very important, never trust a lures hooks right out of the box. For a couple of dollars you can replace stock treble hooks with quality hooks increasing your hook up percentage. It's important when finding replacements that you purchase the proper size as some lures will not run correctly with oversized or undersized hooks. A good measure of a hooks sharpness is to run the hook point across a fingernail and if doesn't catch, it's not sharp enough.