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I was asked recently about a lure that was being advertised through an infomercial. The lure being advertised supposedly was outlawed on certain lakes because of its sure effectiveness. They even had professional anglers promoting the lure as a must have bait for every angler. Many of the anglers promoting the product were unknown professionals and the lure supposedly caught just about every species of fish. "How do you tell a friend who is full of excitement and anticipation that he had been had?" I've purchased my fair share of gimmick lures and they have all ended up in the same place, a tackle box that I call my graveyard. It's the place where all my gimmick lures and old worn out baits are at rest. Most of them have either caught so many fish that they are no longer usable or they never made my "starting line up," that's what I call the baits that go with me every time. My best advice for anyone looking to purchase infomercial baits is to not expect much out of it, and to not leave the rest of your tackle at home.