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Fishing Report 8-12-20
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You must have a fishing license to enjoy fishing, regardless of whether you intend to keep any fish you catch.

Over the years I’ve been surprised more than once by a fish willing to bite at the strangest moments. Countless times, I’ve set my rod down to reach for something to drink or eat and to my surprise I had a fish on the other end of the line. One of my biggest catches came when I was trying to see how far I could cast. What I learned from each of those experiences was that I either needed to slow down or I needed to make longer casts. I was reminded this past weekend of the latter, as everybody seemed to be struggling to get a bite. The lake was clear, and it was evident to me that the fish were very spooky. I decided to try backing off as far as I could from the bank and make longer casts. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I caught a few fish. Small adjustments often determine whether or not you’re going to catch a fish. In my case, I had a prior history to draw on, which helped. Many would say that in each situation I was lucky. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. What I did, was that I tried to learn from each situation so that someday I could have another trick up my sleeve. Sometimes the best casts are the ones that you’re not really trying to make.


The Delta:

Top water baits are still working well for bass during the morning and evening hours. There’s also a good Senko bite during the day while fishing around deep grass beds. Bluegills are being caught in large numbers right now for those fishing with small worms in the backs of sloughs. Catfish are being caught on chicken livers and clams.


New Melones Lake:

Trolling for kokanee is still hit and miss for a lot of anglers. Those having success are trolling Apex lures behind a big gold dodger. The nights have been getting cooler, the trout should start making their way shallower to feed. Bass fishing remains good for smaller fish during the day and bigger fish are being caught earlier in the day on top water lures. Bluegill and crappie continue to bite well for those fishing brush piles with worms and minnows. The best action for crappie is at night around a submersible light. The catfish bite is really good all over the lake right now at night. Catfish are being caught while using anchovies or chicken livers.


Lake Don Pedro:

Like New Melones, the kokanee just haven’t been showing up like they have in previous years. Not too many anglers are targeting kokanee. The ones that are, have been finding them while trolling over river channels between 60 and 80 feet deep. Bass fishing has been tough lately. During the morning hours the fish can be found shallow and can be caught while using topwater baits. Once the sun comes up the bass are suspending making them tougher to catch. Anglers catching them during the day are finding them as deep as 50 feet. The lake has currently dropped from 80 percent to 70 percent this past week.


Lake Amador:

Lake Amador has been good for those fishing at night. During the day the only fish reported caught are bluegill which are being caught up shallow on worms. At night bass are being caught on large power worms and spinnerbaits.


Lake Pardee:

Bass fishing is good right now for anglers who are finding shade along the bank or fishing deep with plastics. Trout fishing has also been good for those trolling earlier in the day until about noon. Bluegill fishing is really good right now for those fishing the shallows with worms and crickets.


Lake Camanche:

The bite is really good right now for bluegill and bass. Bass are being caught right now just about anywhere on the lake, with rocky points being the best spots. Small plastic worms worked along the bottom are producing a lot of bites during the day. Bluegills are being caught shallow by those fishing with red worms in the backs of coves.


Tip of the Week:

The best fishing rod is the one that you’re the most comfortable with. Every year, it seems like there’s a new technique specific rod being sold. I can tell you from personal experience, that many of those rods are sitting collecting dust in my garage. For those just starting out a medium to heavy 7-foot rod is all you’re going to need for most applications.