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Fishing Report 9-9-20
gone fishing

Recently I was browsing through an online fishing forum, and I came across a post that read “as long as you’re using a cane pole, string, and a hook, you don’t need a fishing license.” Of course, in our state you need a fishing license regardless of technique and equipment if 16 years old or older. As always, while searching through the internet, one search led to another, and another, and another. You get the idea, before long, I was reading about the top 10 survival techniques used to catch fish. Most of them included the use of nets and spears. Catching a fish with your bare hands is the one that seemed the hardest to me. Most people can hardly handle a fish out of water! The most interesting one had to do with poisoning fish causing them to float to the surface. Basically, what people did in the past was found a pool of water, or created a pool of water, and used local plants that were toxic to poison fish. They would soak the branches in the pool they found or made and waited for the fish to float to the surface. I’m pretty sure that technique is illegal as well? Not wanting to send myself into another internet rabbit hole on poisoning fish, I’ll leave that search for you.


Delta Report:

Early in the morning anglers are doing well while fishing for bass with top water lures. During the day anglers are either catching them with reaction baits like Rattle Traps or flipping heavy cover with Sweet Beavers. Bluegills are plentiful right now and can be caught just about anywhere while using red worms. Fishing for salmon has been slow. There was one salmon reported last week though that was caught on a Silvertron out of Walnut Grove. As soon as the news broke about a salmon being caught Viera’s launch ramp has been crowded ever since. From prior experience, if you wait for the bite to turn wide open, you’ve more than likely missed the bite.


New Melones Lake:

Trout fishing is slow right now on the lake. Night fishing under a submersible light continues to be the best approach for catching trout. Kokanee fishing is hit or miss for a lot of anglers as well. Those that are able to get bit are being rewarded with larger than usual fish. Catfishing remains good for anglers fishing cut bait throughout the evening hours around all the lake’s recreational areas. Bass fishing is fair; there are a lot of bass being caught all over the lake on a variety of techniques. As always, finding the bigger bass can be a challenge this time of year.


Lake Don Pedro:

Fishing for bass has been tough. The local fires have really slowed down the boat traffic recently. Those anglers catching bass are finding them suspended offshore. Catching bass that are suspended offshore is probably one of the toughest ways to catch them. There are not any reports of trout or kokanee being caught. Most anglers are focusing on nearby Melones or Lake Pardee.


Lake Camanche:

Bass anglers are having luck early and late in the day on top water lures. During the day, the bite has been tough as anglers are working small plastic baits slowly along the bottom as the bass have become very lethargic during the day. There are not many reports of trout being caught. As the water temperature drops, fishing for trout should improve.


Lake Pardee:

Anglers trolling for kokanee are still doing well early in the morning and in the evenings. It’s important to keep an eye on your electronics to find out what depth they are in as they seem to be changing depths pretty regularly. Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing points and bluffs with slow sinking baits such as Senko’s and small jigs. There is also still a topwater bite in the mornings for bass.


Tip of the Week:

Late summer is an interesting time of the year; you’d be surprised at what works this time of year. As far as bait selection, don’t be afraid to try something new or something a little out of the ordinary. I’ve had some great times fishing this time of year while using untraditional baits. While everyone seems to be tossing the same thing try something different, you may be surprised at what you catch.