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Girl Ballplayers Perform Well At Argonaut
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Riverbank girls pounded out some hefty hits to win at least two of their five varsity softball games in the Argonaut Tournament.

The Bruins defeated Amador, 9-1, and blanked Colfax 3-0, on Saturday after losing to their host Argonaut 4-1, and Manteca, 4-2, on Friday. Riverbank was also defeated by Ripon, 13-3, on Saturday.

"With leadership from the seniors, Megan and Tara and some promising performances by our freshmen, we didn't do so badly," said Riverbank coach Sam Graham He was referring to seniors Megan Medrano and Tara Bosworth. The freshmen are Chelsea Walls and Courtney Brock.

While Walls handled the pitching against Amador, Brock. Medrano and Jaimie Davidson did some serious hitting.

Brock went 2-for-2 with two RBIs and a single and double, Medrano was 2-for-3 with two doubles, a single and two RBIs, and Davidson hit a single and scored two RBIs in three visits to the plate.

Riverbank collected eight hits and scored five runs in the opening inning, three more in the third and a clincher in the fourth.

In the other win, that against Colfax, both teams made six hits but only Riverbank turned them into runs.

Walls, Bosworth and Brock all went 2-for-3. Walls and Bosworth each hit two singles and Brock a single and a double with three RBIs.

Davidson handled pitching duties on the mound.

Among the losses, Riverbank lost their opening game, although they garnered five hits to Argonaut's six and made three errors.

Medrano pitched and Tessa Lozano was behind the plate. The game was tied 1-1 until the last inning. Brock led the batting, going 2-for-3 and bringing in the Bruins only run.

Manteca defeated Riverbank on seven hits to the Bruins three. Davidson did the pitching The two freshmen, Brock and Walls, each hit a single at bat.

Riverbank's loss to Ripon was disappointing, in addition to being excessive in the scoring, said Graham.

"They are one of our league competitors and they hit us all over the place," he said.

Facing Medrano on the mound, Ripon collected 14 hits to Riverbank's six and made no errors to the Bruins's four.

Ripon opened the scoring early with six runs in the first inning, adding three more in the next inning. Riverbank scored two runs in the second inning and one more in the third.

"We made a valiant effort to come back but the damage was already done," said Graham, noting that two of the Bruin starters failed to play that game because they missed the bus.

There were six teams competing at the tournament's varsity level. The junior varsity tournament mustered 12 teams.