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Junior Bruin Football Players Make All-Stars
Jr cheer
Junior Bruin Varsity Cheerleaders perform at halftime of the last home game of the season. Four Varsity cheer squad members and one from the JV squad are going to the All-Star Game in Linden this weekend. Ric McGinnis/The News

Even though the youth football season is over, there’s still a little game left in some of our Junior Bruins.

The All-Star Games are set for this Saturday, and several varsity and JV players, as well as cheerleaders, will be on the field in Linden.

Varsity players include linemen Julian Brambilla on defense and Jacob Allen on offense. Antony de los Rios made it as a running back and Joshua Quintana as a wing.

Varsity cheerleaders selected include Allisun Blum, Kayci Blevins, Madison Armer and Kyah Gutierrez.

On the Junior Varsity side, Jr. Bruin QB Ryan Lee will be on the field, as will Isaiah Hill. JV cheerleader Naomi Garza will be rooting them on.