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Jawin' W/Jagada Student-Athlete Grind No Walk In The Park
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For some of the most talented athletes in our area the most challenging task that they have during a season is to remain academically eligible for the duration of the season. Not staying off of the trainer's table, or remembering a formation - no, those are a cinch - but staying in uniform and available for an entire season has proved to be a serious challenge.

Incoming freshmen will walk onto the Riverbank High campus and see the living proof of where this high school is heading. The huge beams all over the skyline above the high school campus are proof enough that Bruin athletics is accelerating into the future, with construction continuing on the new gym.

Participating for a Bruin sport will be something that tons of freshmen will embark on during their debut on the high school scene, but not staying academically eligible for the year has nipped quite a few seasons in the bud.

Youth football and volleyball players all over the area have only had to worry about whose mom was handling the carpool, now the team will provide the transportation and you have to provide the whole lifestyle changing part of it.

When that season begins the time that an athlete spends at home, awake, is mind-boggling. Departure from home way earlier than 7 a.m. no matter where you live, and a return trip sometime after practice, usually around 12 hours later.

The remainder of the evening (three hours, four tops) will be portioned up between Playstation 3's, MySpace Accounts, dinner, a shower, usually three TV shows, mental time thinking about your sport, feeding the dogs, tidying up the room and for those special NCAA Division I hopefuls, a nice 90 minute homework session.

This crammed evening cycle will play out for the duration of the season and the duration of a high school career, but only if this time is managed carefully.