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Council Member Elect Celebrates Downtown
Fosi pix
City Council Member-Elect Cindy Fosi lifts a soft drink high in celebration of her recent election victory. She hosted a get together Friday at Pizza Plus in downtown Riverbank. The vote count tally showed she outpaced her opponent two to one. Ric McGinnis/The News

Newly elected Riverbank City Council member Cindy Fosi hosted a small gathering of friends and supporters at Pizza Plus in downtown Riverbank on Friday night.

She provided the pizza, while drinks were on the attendees.

The festivities got off to a delayed start though, as well wishers tried to stay out of the way of another community group holding a youth sports meeting with pizza that started just half an hour earlier.

As the previous meeting wound down, Fosi supporters were able to sit down and enjoy their pizza.

Fosi toasted her supporters with a soft drink and told them how much she appreciated them. She also asked for continued assistance during her term in office.

She said she expected to be sworn into office at the Dec. 13 council meeting, the second Tuesday of the month. She said the fourth Tuesday, Dec. 27, falls between Christmas and New Year and that meeting has been canceled.