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Fast, Furious Dodgeball Action For Homecoming
An opponent takes aim at a group of senior dodgeball players in a Homecoming Week activity last week. Catch the ball or dodge the ball were the rules of the day, but the RHS senior boys finally lost out to the Everyone Else team, who then got to take on the team made up of teachers, with a few seniors playing to help even out the team manpower. News Photos By Ric McGinnis


It was the boys against the boys against the men when Homecoming Week activities continued on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at Riverbank High School.

Originally intended to be class team against class team in the early rounds, the event turned out to be team ‘Everybody Else’ ganged up against the seniors in dodgeball at the Bruin Gym.

Superior in numbers if not in skill, the EE team ended up defeating the senior boys in nearly every preliminary match.

The prize for the win? A chance to beat the teachers.

The game seems simple. Catch the ball thrown at you, or avoid it. If you can catch it, a teammate who previously had been knocked out can re-enter the game. And the thrower from the other team is knocked out as well.

When the teams are crowded, one strategy seemed to be to hide behind other teammates. Another effective move was to catch a ball and use it to block the next throw. No harm, no foul, and you stay in the game.

As the number of players on each side dwindled, the attack strategy changed, and zeroing in on a target from more than one side became the rule.

When the EE team took on the teachers, there was a bit of a mismatch, with the larger group allowing some of the senior boys to augment the opponent’s team.

In the end, a few of the seniors were left on the floor when all the EE team members were knocked out of the game.

So given the fact that seniors helped make up the teacher team – and ultimately defeated the EE squad – it was a satisfied group of senior boys that left the court on Wednesday night.