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Fishing Report
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Finally, we had some rain in the forecast and it actually fell on us as well. Like a lot of you, I’m already imagining what the lakes are going to look like once full again and am hoping that this past weekend’s rain is the beginning of a record setting rainfall year. Like any change in the weather there are dangers associated with it. One that comes to my mind more than any is the importance of driving safely while trailering a boat in the rain. Without rain to wash it down, the roads become dirty over time making them very slippery when we finally do get rain. It doesn’t take much to cause a trailer to slide and once it starts sliding it usually causes the vehicle towing it to lose control. Another thing to be taken into consideration is that boats that have been out in the rain are going to be heavier than normal even if the drain plug has been pulled. They’re going to take longer to stop and are even more susceptible to causing the trailer to slide especially in the turns. If there’s ever a time to slow down and drive cautiously while towing a trailer it’s during the rainy weather. The roads are sure to be wet and accidents can be prevented.


Delta Report:

The tough bite continues for a lot of bass anglers. Very few big fish are being caught right now. Numbers of smaller largemouth bass seem to be holding on the outside edges of weed lines and are biting on Senkos and crankbaits. With the forecasted cold front, the bite should start to pick up. Striped bass are starting to show up for those trolling the main channel with broken back rebels. Bank fishermen are also doing well while fishing for bluegill and catfish while using live worms and clams.


New Melones Lake:

The lake continues to be low with only one launch ramp open at the end of Glory Hole Point which is unpaved. Trolling for trout continues to be slow for a lot of anglers. Trollers are finding few rainbows in the main lake, especially around the dam/spillway/Glory Hole Point area anywhere from 25 to 60 feet deep. Shad imitation lures such as Cop Cars, threadfin shad Needlefish, blue/silver Excels, Apex lures, and silver/blue Cripp lures have been the top producers. Bass fishing remains good for those who are able to locate deep schools of bass as far down as 45 feet. Anglers are drop shotting and dragging jigs once finding a school of fish that is feeding on the numerous schools of bait found right now off the main lake points.


Lake Don Pedro:

Only one launch ramp is functional right now and that is located in Fleming Meadows. Trout fishing has slowed a bit since the last report. Trout fishing typically remains slow this time of year until the lake has turned over. The bass should be up shallow feeding on schools of Kokanee as they are in the middle of their annual spawn. Target these fish with large trout patterned swimbaits.


Lake Amador:

The lake is being stocked weekly now with large Cuttbow Trout. Currently anglers are doing well while fishing off the dam with Power Bait and worms. Anglers trolling for trout are doing well while fishing along the surface with a variety of shad imitating lures. There is a lot of action on the surface right now as there are large schools of bait shallow. Bass anglers are doing well while fishing with shallow running baits and top water lures.


Tip of the Week:

Sometimes changing line diameter can be the difference between catching fish and not catching fish. When fishing clear clean water it’s recommended that a smaller more invisible line is used in place of a large diameter line. If fishing around heavy cover such as wood, rock, or thick vegetation you’re going to want to use a thicker stronger line. Thinner line sinks faster and easier than thicker line making it a good choice when fishing sinking or diving baits. Next time the fishing gets tough and the water is cleaner than normal try going to a thinner diameter line.