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Girls Teams Collide In Powder Puff Football
Fight To 7-7 OT Tie
Running back Esperanza Garcia (1) scampers to the near sideline for a big fourth quarter gain for the Senior/Frosh Powder Puff team on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The game was part of weeklong Homecoming activities on the RHS campus last week. Ric McGinnis/The News


In continuing Homecoming Week activities at Riverbank High School over the past week, the toughest girls on campus fought to a 7-7 tie at the annual Powder Puff football game, on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

The Junior/Sophomore team, in maroon jerseys, were first to score, with Lily Gallagher going up high for a pass reception in the end zone as time was running out in the first quarter for the score. The teams were awarded seven points for each touchdown, without the necessity of trying for an extra point.

The Senior/Freshman team, in white jerseys, fought hard but they didn’t score until there was just 3:18 remaining in the game. Senior QB Savannah Pulido rambled for a 10-yard run across the goal line, with plenty of blocking out front.

When the time on the clock expired, each team had seven points, so a four down tie-breaker from the 15 yard line was attempted. Both teams fought hard, but neither yielded up a score, neither gave up a goal, so the final remained 7-7.

The Senior/Frosh roster included 24 players, all but two of them seniors. Team coaches were Joe Crosby, Tim Brown, Julian Montoya and Alex Mora.

The Junior/Soph roster showed 21 players, with Isai Villagran, Fidel Morales, Kevin Alcantara, Martin Cornejo and Isiah Grove coaching.

The game even featured a halftime routine by the ‘cheerleaders’ – all male – and they really dressed the part, adding to the festive air of the evening.