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Groups Benefit From Booth Sales
Fireworks pix
Bruin Booster Jody Adams talks over the use of a coupon with a patron at the organizations fireworks stand over the weekend. The RHS sports parents group routinely staffs a booth in the parking lot of the Galaxy Theatres, near the corner of Jackson Street and Patterson Road. Fireworks sales are one of the groups main annual fundraisers that allow it to help support high school sports, with equipment purchases and scholarships. Ric McGinnis/The News

Triple digit temperatures were in the rearview mirror from the week before in the Riverbank area, but the highs in the 90s last week still might have been warm enough to hinder daytime shoppers from lining up at local fireworks stands leading up to the Fourth of July holiday yesterday.

Sales of ‘Safe and Sane’ legal fireworks in the area began at some stands on Wednesday and were limited to just the week leading up to the holiday. Sales at some stands seemed to pick up in the evening, becoming more brisk as the holiday got closer.

Most fireworks stands in the Riverbank area were operated by volunteers from local non-profit agencies, like the Bruin Boosters, Central Valley Resource Center, other local sports or youth organizations. For many, it is their major fundraiser for the year, providing operating funds that get them through the year.

Some of the organizations had individual promotional efforts accompanying their sales operations, hoping to increase sales. Many included additional premiums to accompany large purchases, while others held drawings for major, non-firework, items.

In addition, those stands that were selling Phantom brand fireworks were honoring discount coupons that came in the mail last week, offering percentage off sales over a specified minimum amount.