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Surprise Proposal Is Hoops Halftime Highlight
Proposal pix
Irene Delgado receives a holiday surprise during halftime at Fridays Bruin varsity boys basketball home game. During a staged free throw contest, Joaquin Nunez, masquerading as the Bruin mascot snuck up behind Delgado, got down on a knee and proposed marriage. Ric McGinnis/The News

Basketball fans watching the Riverbank-Sonora basketball game this past Friday got to participate in a surprise at halftime of the varsity boys contest.

A few Bruin Boosters were in on the plan, as was the arena announcer, who told the audience there was going to be a special free throw shootout during the break, and the varsity team had picked Irene Delgado to try the shot.

Well, she didn’t come close on the first shot, so they gave her another chance, then another when that one missed.

While she was shooting, the Bruin Bear mascot walked out to help, but, as she took her final attempt, he took off his costume head and knelt behind Delgado, who noticed him when she turned around.

Not the Bruin mascot, the man in the suit was actually Joaquin Nunez, who held out a ring and surprised Delgado with a proposal of marriage. Luckily for him, when the cheering subsided, she said “yes.”

Although Nunez lives in Livingston, he has children who play on the Riverbank junior varsity team.