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Swimmers Take Win In Home Pool Meet
B Allen
Riverbank Barracuda swimmer Bridgette Allen pushes off of the blocks in the 11-12 year old 50 meter backstroke. The meet on July 25 against the Patterson Pirates was the third of two home and two away meets that make up the 2014 season. Her 47.37 second time in the first heat brought a third place finish in the event, helping post a 137-87 win over the Pirates. The schedule takes the Barracudas to finish the season on Aug. 1 at Patterson. Ric McGinnis/The News

The Riverbank Barracuda youth swim team was victorious in a home meet on Friday, July 25, at the Community Pool against the Patterson Pirates.
The local team, with friends and family of more than 80 swimmers, combined with an equally large contingent for the Pirates, resulted in a pool facility packed to overflowing. Riverbank beat Patterson with team totals of 137-87.
The two plus hour event featured 29 races with as many as six heats in each. Ages of the swimmers ranged from 10 and under in the first race, through 11-12 year olds, and 13-18 year olds.
The Riverbank team posted first and second place finishes in the 10 and under 100 meter medley relay, first and second in the 11-12 year old and 13-18 year old 200 meter medley relay when the Pirates did not field teams.
Riverbank results included:
10-under: 100 Medley Relay
Maddy Mueller, Lauren Olsen, Aidan Pink and Jacob Peeler, 1:47.34, First place.
Sophie Olsen, Masey Cooper, Abby Rutishause and Nate Rutishauer, 152.18, second.
11-12: 200 Medley Relay
Dylan Jones, Ava Mack, Bridgette Allen, Cassie Tortorelli, 3:13.22, First.
Frankie Madrigal, Elissa Torres, Omar Casillas, Ellie Mueller, 3:16.97, Second.
13-18: 200 Medley Relay
Bryce Allen, Mylan Dahlon, Elizbeth Roseman, Bryant Torres, 2:39.91, First.
Madison Peeler, Sydney Howard, Ivan Bedoy, Ken Miyakawa, 2:45.26, Second.
10-under 100 IM: Jacob Peeler, 2:05.22, Second Place.
11-12 100 IM: Spencer Howard, 1:37.02, Second Place; Bridgette Allen, 1:38.97, Third Place.
13-18 IM: James Berry, 1:08.40, First Place; Sarah Berry, 1:20.02, Second Place; Christine Berry, 1:21.01, Third Place.
8-under 25 Meter Butterfly: Payton Clapper Moore, 27.72, First Place; Lauren Olsen, 28.54, Second Place.
9-10 25 Meter Butterfly: Mason Pena, 21.50; First Place; Sariah Perez, 22.53, Second Place.
11-12 50 Meter Butterfly: Lily Kahlon, 42.78, Second Place; Frankie Madrigal, 47.25, Third Place.
13-15 100 Meter Butterfly: James Berry, 30.35, First Place; Ken Miyakawa, 33.32, Second Place: Mylan Kahlon, 35.11, Third Place.
8-under 25 Meter Backstroke: Camryn Silva, 27.34, Second Place; Jacob Gutierrez, 28:69, Third.
9-10 50 Meter Backstroke: Sophie Olsen, 53.00, First Place; Madie Kolding, 56.96, Third.
11-12 50 Meter Backstroke: Ben Berry, 43.97, First Place; J.T. Olsone, 46.72, Second Place; Bridgette Allen, 47.37, Third.
13-15 100 Meter Backstroke: Christine Berry, 1:26.87, First Place; Daniel Jones, 1:36.4, Third Place.
9-under 25 Meter Breaststroke: Payton Clapper Moore, 26.37, First Place; Jacob Peeler, 26.51, Second Place; Lauren Olsen, 31.48, Third Place.
9-10 50 Meter Breaststroke: Mason Pena, :55.00, First Place; Aidan Pink, 1:01.68, Second Place; Maddie Mueller, 1:02.15, Third.
11-12 50 Meter Breaststroke: Ben Berry, 47.00, Second Place; Ava Mack, 47.19, Third.
13-15 100 Meter Breaststroke: Ken Miyakawa, 1:29.04, First Place; Sydney Howard, 1:446.44, Second.
16-18 100 Meter Breaststroke: Sarah Berry, 1:27.0, First Place.
8-under 25 Meter Freestyle: Payton Clapper Moore, 21.94, First Place; Jacob Peeler, 23.35, Third Place.
9-10 50 Meter Freestyle: Mason Pena, 40:62, Third Place.
11-12 50 Meter Freestyle: Benjamin Berry, 34.84, Second Place; Spencer Howard, 37.75, Third.
13-15 100 Meter Freestyle: James Berry, 59.09, First Place; Ken Miyakawa, 1:05.00, Second Place; Mylan Kahlon, 1:05.09, Third Place.
10 and under Freestyle Relay: (Riverbank) Camryn Silva, Isabella Padilla, Lukas Van Houten, Riley Vega-Torres, 1:34.53, Second Place.
11-12 Freestyle Relay: (Riverbank) Emma Lopez, Lilly Kahlon, Gabriele Felix, A.J. Guevara, 2:27.61, Second Place.
13-18 Freestyle Relay: Riverbank Team One: James Barry, Benjamin Berry, Christine Barry, Sarah Barry, 2:05.00, First Place; Riverbank Team Two: Brianna Burgarin, J.T. Olsen, Ken Miyakawa, Myla Kahlon, 2:07.34, Second Place.