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Missed Free Throws Drag Down JV Girls
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A poor showing at the free throw line sabotaged the junior varsity girls' efforts against Escalon and Hilmar, according to Riverbank coach Robert Mayfield.

"Our free throw performance was horrible, only 5-19, against Escalon," he noted. "It was worse, 2-12, against Hilmar."

The Bruins lost to Escalon, 37-33, at home, yielding the first quarter 9-5; winning the second, 15-7; and losing the third and fourth, 8-3 and 13-10.

Vanessa Rodriguez piled up an impressive 19 points to lead the Riverbank scoring. Next in line was Heather Medrano with six points.

"We played a good first half but came out flat for the third period and missed a lot of easy shots," said Mayfield.

Rodriguez again shot 19 points in Riverbank's 39-37 loss to Hilmar. Irene Castillo with eight points and Kelly Clancey, with seven, were the next highest scorers.

Again playing at home, Riverbank lost the first quarter by 11-8; tied the second, 11-11; won the third, 12-9; and lost the last, 8-6, in a hotly contested game.

"It was one of our best efforts," said Mayfield. "Hilmar has bigger players. But we played tough defense and we fought back. It came down to missed chances and poor performance at the foul line."

'We missed four free throws in the last minute and a half. We were tied with 10 seconds left. We made a stupid foul and Hilmar came to the line and sank two free throws."

Mayfield noted that two Bruins are out of action with injuries and another with poor grades, so the squad is operating with only six regular players.