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New Swim Team Starts Practice
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Riverbank's first swim team in many years has been formed and began training on Wednesday, June 1.

The Barracudas, as they are named, have slated their first competitive meet for Friday, July 8, against the Otters of Escalon, in that city.

"We need starting blocks before we can hold meets at the Riverbank pool," said Recreation Supervisor Kerrie Webb, adding that the meets will be conducted on Friday evenings.

A Tuolumne County team is also interested in competing, said Webb.

Nineteen swimmers qualified in tryouts and are on the team. They include Brooke Allen, Justin Benziger, Alicia Burchett, Maria Cooper, Patrick Shum, Justin and Vanessa Yee, Stesha, Sariah and Savannah Orr, Alex Fernandez, Mariah Davis, Tyler Fipps, Loren and Kaysie Lewis, Jenay Barfield, Tristan Platt-Magallon, Talea Gutierrez and Susie Smith.

Fernandez and the Orr girls are Oakdale residents. The rest are all from Riverbank. Ages on the team range from eight up to 14.

Riverbank Pool Manager Britanny Allen is in charge of the team, and she is assisted by Christina Blevins.

It has been more than 20 years since Riverbank had its own swim team. They too were called the Barracudas.

When the current pool at Stanislaus and Seventh streets was rebuilt five years ago, city officials expected the Riverbank Unified School District would want to use it and help form a swim team. Riverbank High School has no pool of its own. But the district has shown no interest.