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Redskins Back On The Football Field
When the shoulder pads and helmets made their debut at Castleberg Park, the football enthusiasts around the area flocked to the fields simply to hear the smacking and cracking of Riverbank's youth football scene.

The RiverOak Redskins are taking huge steps in the right direction as they begin the opening stages of the 2008 Delta Youth Football League season. Players from all four levels of the youth football program have been working out the kinks during two-hour sessions at Castleberg Park weekday evenings.

Redskins coaching staff members have adamant plans about turning the corner with the organization and helping RiverOak football return to its lofty perch atop of the D.Y.F.L circuit, but the steps will not be easy by any means.

"Fundamentals are the key for us," Redskins coach James Finch, Sr. said. "We are going to be a fundamentally sound group and very well conditioned. Those two things will take us in a positive direction."

The Redskins will be able to field four teams, one on each level, yet each of the squads could stand a few more bodies to help make the rosters complete. Kids that have not yet signed up for the available youth football teams in the surrounding area are encouraged to come join the RiverOak Redskins organization.

"Come on out," Finch, Sr. encouraged any youngsters looking to play football. "We can get the kids worked into the system, get the conditioning done and get the pads on them.

"I think football can take these kids a lot of places if they get going now and start at an early age."