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Riverbank Judo Team Tries A Tourney
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Students from the Riverbank Judo Club competing in their first tournament of the year in mid-March brought home a handful of trophies.

Of the eight local students who visited the Cupertino Invitational, only five competed, and the others watched. But the local practitioners won twosecond places, in addition to a third, a fifth and a sixth place.

Eight-year-old Brennan Aleida, who sometimes is upset by the pressure of competition, tried hard and showed a sportsmanlike attitude, said his instructor Christine Lincoln.

Alexander Lincoln, competing in his first tournament at the age of nine, placed fifth, although he lost five out of seven bouts. He showed a good attitude, she said, remembered the etiquette which judo requires, and demonstrated good pinning techniques.

Ariana Lincoln, also nine and competing in her first tournament, won a third place. She was penalized for stepping out of bounds, and then for excessive roughness, but recovered her composure to win her third place.

Zachary Jenkins, 10, and a previous tournament competitor, also showed good technique and a refusal to quit, scoring a third place.

Eleven-year-old Kelsey Anderson faced a tough competitor who had forced another girl to retire. While fighting well, she lost her first bout, won her second by a pin and lost the third time.

Those students who did not compete still profited by observing the bouts, said Lincoln.

She was assisted on the trip by Adam Whitney, who has experience in other martial art forms and who helps coach the younger students in class.

Sponsored by the Riverbank Recreation Department, the club meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverbank Community Gymnasium adjacent to Cardozo Middle School on Santa Fe Street.