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Skate Contest Post Results of Competition
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A crowd of competitors and spectators flocked to a skateboard and rollerblade competition staged by the Riverbank Recreation Department at the local skate park on Saturday, Sept. 18.

The overall winners were Anthony Vargas on skateboard and Troy Martin in the rollerblade events.

They were decided by competition between the top finishers in each area of bowl, rail and run.

Skateboard winners, first through third, were, for the 13 years plus age group: best bowl run - Frank Faria, Kyle Braswell and Andrew Braswell; best rail -Jon Ruhga, Andrew Braswell/Shaun Guerra and Daniel Garbez; and best run - Edward Baldanado, Jon Ruhga and Frank Faria.

Skateboard winners for the 12 years age group were: best bowl run: Nick Blankenship, Anthony Vargas and Austin Lawrence; best rail: Jeff Blanton, Nick Blankenship; and best run: Anthony Vargas, Nick Blankenship and Jeff Blanton.

Rollerblade winners were, for the 13 year plus group, best bowl run: Troy Martin; best rail: Troy Martin, Miquel Amezquita and Amondo Jimenez; and best run: Troy Martin, Miquel Amezquita and Fabian Mendez

Rollerblade winners for the 12 years age group were: best bowl run - Braydon Phillips and Wolfie Jones; best rail - Braydon Phillips; and best run - Tim Harris, Braydon Phillips and Wolfie Jones.