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Two Take All Eagle Award
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The All Eagle awards went to Evan Gunther and Irene Castillo when Cardozo Middle School honored its best athletes of the year on Thursday evening.

Cory Bigelow and Evan Gunther were named scholar athletes for maintaining a 3.5 grade point average over eight quarters.

Most valuable player awards went to Daniel Vasquez in soccer; Mario Leal, in 7th grade football; Evan Gunther, in 8th grade football; Kendra Barth, in 7th grade volleyball; and Jaylene Thomas and Irene Castillo, in 8th grade volleyball.

More MVP award winners were Monique Galvan, in 7th grade girls basketball; Heather Medrano, in 8th grade girls basketball; Ala Nasser, in 7th grade boys basketball; Evan Gunther, in 8th grade boys basketball; Rebekah Grimmett, in 7th grade softball; and Irene Castillo, in 8th grade softball.

Tim McDonald was honored as MVP in wrestling, and Levi Luca in boys track.

In most improved awards, Levi Luca took that for soccer; Adrian Guzman, in 7th football; Jose Ramos, in 8th football; Brittany Beffa, in 7th volleyball; Angela Herbelin, in 7th girls basketball; Jessica Nelson, in 8th girls basketball; David Lopez, in 7th boys basketball; and Levi Luca, in 8th boys basketball.

Estephania Arellano was recognized as most improved in 7th softball; Katie Mitchell, in 8th softball; Joe Cunningham, in wrestling; Kenny Johnson, in boys track; and Jennifer Manriquez, in girls track.

For the most inspirational awards, Cindy Soto won that for soccer; Manuel Bariros, for 7th football; Nick Threet, for 8th football; Monique Galvan, for 7th volleyball; and Heather Medrano, for 8th volleyball.

More honors for inspiration went to Lexi Threet, in 7th girls basketball; Irene Castillo, in 8th girls basketball; Lucas Pope, in 7th boys basketball; Cory Bigelow, in 8th boys basketball; Cali Avey, in 7th softball; and Darri Beffa, in 8th softball.

Rain Darden was named most inspirational in wrestling; Jose Ramos, in boys track; and Angela Herbelin and Erikka, in girls track.