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Claribel Road, Roselle Avenue Construction Work Continues
Traffic pix.jpg
Traffic backs up around the bend in the MID canal as Christmas shoppers and parents traveling to pick up their students after school recently faced traffic delays. It was because of road construction at the intersection of Claribel Road and Roselle Avenue just south of Riverbank. Travel has been regulated by flag men during weekdays recently as the intersection improvement, including stop lights and turn lanes construction, continues at that intersection. Ric McGinnis/The News

Despite the recent rainy weather, work continues on the extension of what will become the North County Corridor, just south of Riverbank.

The current work is centered on the intersection of Roselle Avenue and Claribel Road. Lately, the road widening, turn lanes and preparation for stop lights has been limiting traffic traveling on both roads during work hours.

While heavy equipment is moving back and forth during construction, traffic on both byways is limited to one lane, controlled by flag men. The delays cause cars and trucks to back up in all four directions, mostly affecting Christmas shoppers and parents seeking to pick up their students after school.

In addition to improving the intersection, the work will extend the improvements on Claribel Road, including a conversion to four lanes, well past Roselle, apparently as far as Litt Road to the east.

Recent reports of additional federal funding for the Corridor Project indicate that work should continue, with $20 million dedicated to three more miles of highway.

It has not yet been announced how the extension work will cross the BNSF railway near Terminal Road, or for that matter, how the expanded Claribel Road will deal with the bend in the MID canal between Squire Wells Way and Roselle. Survey stakes and grading/excavation work indicate pretty clearly where things will be at the intersection.