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Caltrans Releases New Mile Marker Report
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The latest installment of The Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report, released Dec. 18, marks a full year of publication for the quarterly report detailing how well Caltrans is meeting its performance measures and goals.

“The Mile Marker continues to be an integral part of this department’s dedication to becoming a more accessible, accountable and transparent organization,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Caltrans has set a very high bar and will continue to use The Mile Marker as a vehicle to tell our story and detail our progress to the public and stakeholders.”

The Mile Marker is designed to make the department’s work more accessible and understandable to the public. The plain-language performance report delivers a straightforward accounting of how Caltrans is doing in its work to protect and improve California’s transportation system.

Articles included in this issue of The Mile Marker include: Caltrans’ adoption of the 2015 Strategic Highway Safety Plan to reduce fatalities and severe injuries on all public roads; details on the project that closed the final gap in a 70-mile stretch of carpool lanes on Interstate 215 between San Bernardino to the Los Angeles County line; and the math behind calculating congestion to increase the travel time reliability of your commute.

The Mile Marker is distributed to the Legislature, local government agencies and transportation professionals statewide and around the country.

Copies of this issue of The Mile Marker are available at:

Caltrans also releases 23 statutorily required reports on a periodic basis on subjects including project delivery, finance, fish passage, state rail and highway maintenance. These reports are located at: