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Changes At Cardozo For Student Success
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Students returning to Cardozo Middle School in Riverbank this year have the option of eating lunch out of doors if they wish. Two food carts and a plethora of benches, both under the shade and out in the open, are available to them. Ric McGinnis/The News

Cardozo Middle School has made a few changes this new school year not only to the surface of the school with fresh paint on the inside and outside, but there has also been a change to the school’s master schedule.

“The first day of school went really well,” said Cardozo Middle School Principal Kevin Bizzini. “There are a lot of logistical things that have changed here at Cardozo.”

This year the master schedule was revamped with a couple changes like adding a zero period to the beginning of the school day and switching from three lunch periods to two.

Adding the zero period allows the school to provide students intervention classes that may need support with math and English during the school day.

“So we did a major revamp of the master schedule,” stated Bizzini. “The other thing that we tried to do is make sure that every student has an elective. In the past if you needed an intervention class you would forego an elective because it would not fit in your schedule.

“So we have revamped the master schedule to give kids intervention classes during the school day and have the opportunity to take an elective class.”

The zero period starts at 7:27 a.m. which is 46 minutes earlier than the original first period class. The schedule change has also allowed all the students at Cardozo to take an elective like drama, music, leadership, AVID, computers, or robotics.

The school has changed the lunch schedule and went from three lunch periods to two. Previously all grades had their own lunch however due to staff concerns the seventh and eighth graders now take lunch together and the sixth graders will continue to have lunch with their peers. Due to this new lunch schedule with the seventh and eighth graders taking lunch at the same time, there is a new seating area outside to give students more freedom along with more choices to purchase food outside or inside.

“It does create a situation for supervision,” added Bizzini. “We have to be more strategic with our supervision but it is working out. Three lunches just took some flexibility out of the master schedule. It is building a sense of community amongst the staff and the students.”

Cardozo also welcomed a new Assistant Principal, Greg Diaz, this new school year who previously was the district’s Technology Coach.

“The change to the master schedule to accommodate support for kids is the biggest thing we have done and to give every kid an opportunity to get an elective is a big move,” expressed Bizzini.

With the new paint, new asphalt, new lunch schedule and a new master schedule Cardozo is ready for the new school year and student success.