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Chat With The Chief

Riverbank Police Services will host an outdoor “Chat with the Chief” on Wednesday, May 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the covered gazebo at the Veterans Park on Stanislaus Street.

Last week in the late afternoon on Wednesday, May 5, Riverbank deputies received a report of 20 to 30 juveniles doing wheelies on bicycles in and around traffic near Patterson Road and Roselle Avenue. When deputies tried to stop the group with lights and sirens the group failed to stop and continued on. Eventually, the group split up in different directions and deputies were able to stop two smaller groups. These juveniles were cited for various law violations and failing to stop for law enforcement.

Deputies noted, “This activity is dangerous and has been a trend around our community. We want to ensure the safety of our residents.”

“Chief Ridenour understands the majority of these teens are good kids,” stated law enforcement officials. “That’s why he is hosting a “Chat with the Chief” to meet with parents to review the rules of the road and address community concerns.”