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Council Updates Strategic Plans
Workshop 1
Facilitator Marilyn Snider, of Snider and Associates, leads the early discussion at a day-long strategic planning session for the Riverbank City Council and city staff members on Sept. 30 at the Riverbank Industrial Complex. The council and department heads reviewed their objectives from six months ago, noting any changes that may be needed to reach them over the next three to five years. - photo by Ric McGinnis/The News

In a recent joint meeting, members of the Riverbank City Council and Riverbank city department heads gathered for a strategic planning session at the Riverbank Industrial Complex. The Sept. 30 off-site forum promoted productivity by eliminating the normal interruptions that might be found had they met at City Hall, said officials.

The day-long meeting was led by Marilyn Snider, a contract facilitator from Snider and Associates, who also led a previous session for the city.

Previously, staff and council has established a city mission statement, vision statement, set core values and enacted three-year goals: to enhance public safety, improve and maintain infrastructure and facilities, enhance professionalism and customer service, achieve and maintain fiscal stability and sustainability and attract and retain business.

Similar themes were discussed the week prior, when the council received a five-year financial forecast for the city.

Along the way, the group delineated a S-W-O-T analysis, examining Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats since the last planning session in March. Much of what was discussed as strengths included accomplishments noted during that period. Weaknesses or insufficiencies were pointed out that included some external items over which the city has little or no control, including state and county government policies and actions.

By the workshop’s conclusion, the group had established an updated blueprint for elements to be addressed over the next six months, including any adjustments in the expectations, the goals and results measurement techniques.

City officials said having the ‘blueprint’ allows for greater accountability on all fronts, as there is a coordinated effort to achieve the goals discussed and outlined at the session.