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Halloween Is A Real Treat For Adults
Halloween Cocktail


Halloween will be a real treat this year, as a new survey by specialty beverage retailer BevMo found that 70 percent of adults said they are more likely to celebrate the upcoming holiday because it falls on a Saturday. The survey of more than 16,000 adults also revealed that 45 percent of respondents don’t plan on dressing up, but nearly two-thirds (65 percent) will put out Halloween decorations, and eight out of 10 will buy candy for trick-or-treaters.

To help celebrate the holiday at home or at a friend’s house, 84 percent said they plan on buying alcohol for the occasion.

“Nearly half of those surveyed felt Halloween has become just as much an adult holiday as it is a kids holiday,” said Michelle Farabaugh, chief marketing officer for BevMo, which has a location in Riverbank at The Crossroads. “With it falling on Saturday this year, I think we’ll see just as many adults as we do kids out enjoying one of the most festive and social nights of the year.”

When asked how they plan on celebrating the holiday this year, most respondents (37 percent) said “attending an adult party” or “hosting an adult party.” Approximately one out of five said they plan on staying home and handing out candy, while 13 percent expect to take their kids trick-or-treating. Two percent plan to visit a haunted house. Most people plan on getting into the “spirits” of the holiday. Of those attending a Halloween party this year, more than 50 percent said they will opt for a liquor-based beverage (festive cocktail or make their own mixed drink); meanwhile, 24 percent will reach for beer and 23 percent a glass of wine.

If invited to an adult Halloween get-together, alcohol clearly trumps candy in terms of what to bring. Eighty-six percent of respondents said they will most likely bring alcohol, while only 11 percent said they will bring candy. Three percent indicated they will arrive empty-handed.

When asked what types of Halloween treats they prefer to complement their Halloween beverage, not surprisingly “anything chocolate” was the clear favorite (59 percent).

“Candy corn” came in at 11 percent, slightly behind “I don’t like candy.”

“For all those who prefer a chocolate Halloween treat, we suggest pairing it with a stout,” said Farabaugh. “The way the darker, aromatic malts combine with that candy is scary good.”

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The Riverbank BevMo store will be hosting a tasting on Friday, Oct. 30.

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