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Heirloom Garden Club Meets
Heirloom garden pix
Those interested in learning more about heirloom gardening are invited to attend a session on Wednesday, April 25 at the home of Riverbank resident Terry Harper, who heads up the local Riverbank Heirloom Garden Club. Photo Contributed


The Riverbank Heirloom Garden Club will gather for a meeting on Wednesday, April 25 at the home of Terry Harper, 2618 Sierra St. in Riverbank. For more information, contact Harper at 209-869-1325 or email:

This meeting will be about heirloom gardening and how to save your seeds, what to plant and how to plant your seeds, how to have a good garden, how to have a weed free garden and a pest free garden. Harper noted that you don’t need to rototiller your garden or fertilize it in order to have a good garden.

With automatic watering and good ground mulch all you have to do is plant and harvest and save your seeds.

“Learn which seeds you can save,” Harper said.

The heirloom garden session is open to all those interested.