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Local Youngster Serves Up Cool Lemonade, Sno Cones
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What better thing to do in the heat of summer than offer a bit of a respite for the neighborhood?

That’s exactly what 11-year-old Jayden Hayter of Riverbank is doing, the young entrepreneur setting up a lemonade and sno-cone stand in his Crossroads area.

This past weekend, as temperatures soared past 100, he was set up early on Saturday morning to sell the cool, sweet treats.

“It’s just so I could make some money,” Jayden said simply. “I want to buy some video games.”

The sixth grader is a student at Great Valley Academy and said sales have been going “good” at the stand, set up outside his home on Saxon Way.

Originally just selling lemonade, he felt he could draw more customers if he had “more to offer” so he added the sno-cones.

His mom, Lori Hayter, has shared the times of operation for the stand on Facebook on the Riverbank neighborhood page and said several neighbors have stopped by to support the effort.

A group of bicyclists, pedaling by mid-morning on Saturday, waved and said they would stop in on their way back through.

Jayden has two older sisters but he runs the stand himself, with mom nearby.

“I think it’s good,” his mom said of the small business venture. “It teaches him responsibility.”

Most of the business hours have been on Saturdays, as they found that Sundays aren’t as busy.

Lori said it’s a way for the 11-year-old to stay active, get out of the house and earn money for his games. She and her aunt built the lemonade stand and said they have also used it as a popcorn stand in the past, a multi-functional business operation.

Eleven-year-old Jayden Hayter scoops up some ice as he prepares to make a sno cone recently at his refreshment stand in Riverbank.
Diversifying his product, local youngster Jayden Hayter offered not only the traditional lemonade at his refreshment stand in Riverbank over the weekend but also added sno-cones to the mix, here getting one ready for customers Corey and Josephine Young. Marg Jackson/The News