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New Tire Retailer Rolls Into Riverbank Crossroads
The management staff at the newly opened Americas Tire in Riverbank includes, from left, Senior Assistant Manager Kaleb Shoemaker; Assistant Manager Michael Staat; and Store Manager James Brown.News Photos By Virginia Still

America’s Tire in Riverbank has been open now for a few weeks after a soft opening with a Grand Opening in the works for next month. The tire and wheel retailer, with the new location in the Crossroads Shopping Center, has over 900 locations across the United States that offer affordable tires, wheels and an array of services, some free, like air pressure checks, rotations, tire inspections, and flat repairs.

“It is a humbling experience,” stated Store Manager James Brown. “The owner we have takes care of his people so well that they have given me the opportunity to have such a beautiful new store and to develop our company in a place we haven’t been yet. It is amazing.”

Managing the Livermore store briefly and then running the Turlock store for eight years, Brown has about 10 years’ experience in management. He began his career with America’s Tire in 2000.

Brown has lived in the Modesto area his entire life and is delighted to manage the store in Riverbank and get better acquainted with the community.

“The culture that this company is about is taking care of their people,” added Brown. “It is a people company and a great company to work for.

“We are the number one tire and wheel retailer in the world. We are trusted experts and we want to make sure that we are the best at your tire needs.”

A couple tire safety tips that Brown offered was to check the air pressure on tires at least once a month, which is a service offered for free at America’s Tire.

Another safety tip is to check the tires’ tread depth which factors into how well they will stop and perform on the vehicle. A penny theory test will determine how bad the tread depth and age of a tire is. Take a penny, turn it upside down, place it in the groove of the tread and if Lincoln’s head is exposed completely, then the tires have deteriorated tread and should be replaced.

The free services offered are not only for customers, Brown added. They offer these services to anyone that would like to stop by and have their tires checked because safety is a priority.

“The lower the tread goes the more problems you can have with the tire,” stated Brown. “We look forward to growing our business and helping new customers as well as our established customers that we already have in this area.

“I am looking forward to adding employment opportunities for this area too.”

The Crossroads Shopping Center offers a variety of stores and restaurants that customers will be able to experience while they wait for their tire service.

“Anything they need don’t hesitate to come see us,” expressed Brown. “Any tire need and for safety we would love to help and offer our expertise.”