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Police Services Wrap Up Year
2015 Crime
Home Depot
Two suspects were arrested by Riverbank deputies for attempting to steal over $1,400 in merchandise from Home Depot in a late December incident. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS


The City of Action’s Riverbank Police Services officers stayed vigilant throughout the year in keeping the Riverbank community safe by being a constant presence on the streets enforcing the law, investigating crimes, and conducting DUI and license checkpoints, among other projects and programs.

Police Chief Erin Kiely said officers wrapped up 2015 with a flurry of activity.

The New Year’s Eve weekend was filled with a few incidents that kept deputies busy with a burglary investigation reported on Squire Wells Way on Dec. 31 at 1:49 p.m. The incident involved two suspects, identified as Nathan Anderson, 32, and Mathieu Seporgham, 29, that drove to Home Depot with the intent to steal merchandise, according to authorities. Anderson entered the store while Seporgham waited in the car and acted as a getaway driver. Anderson filled a cart up with $1,400 worth of merchandise and went to a side exit and attempted to exit the store with the merchandise. He was detained by a store employee. Seporgham was detained in the vehicle just outside the exit door where Anderson was stopped.

Both were arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Jail for commercial burglary and conspiracy.

A call on Sunday, Jan. 3, saw deputies respond to a neighborhood disturbance in the 2500 block of Promenade Way where an 18-year-old had brandished a large kitchen knife towards neighbors. The knife was located and the teen was arrested and booked into jail for brandishing a weapon.

On Wednesday, Dec. 30 Riverbank Police Services conducted a DUI and License checkpoint which resulted in nine citations, five towed vehicles and one arrest for driving under the influence. The checkpoint was funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

In a year-end report to the Riverbank City Council, Chief Kiely reported that the primary goal of the Riverbank Police Services Traffic Unit is to educate the public and to respond to the traffic related enforcement needs of the community.

“Reducing the number of people killed or injured in traffic collisions is paramount as this continues to be the largest public safety threat facing our community.” Kiely noted. “Riverbank has experienced 52 injuries from traffic collisions this year (2015). Most of these were relatively minor injuries however we did have a traffic fatality this year involving a single auto (with single occupant) versus a pole.”

In the report there were a few arrests noted that were made by RPS detectives for 2015 which included the arrest of Guillermo Medina, 22, of Modesto for the shooting death of 31-year-old Riverbank resident Noe Hernandez on Dec. 22 in the 2600 Block of Topeka Street. There was also the arrest of Kory Morse and Salvador Arias for their involvement in multiple mail theft incidents. The arrest of Isaac Vaughn for an assault with the intent to commit rape committed in the 3900 block of Patterson Road. The arrest of identity thieves Gilliam Stephens and Dwayne Sterling. Additional related search warrants revealed a check washing operation which had victimized numerous people as well. An arrest was made of a male juvenile for the armed robbery of AM/PM on Oakdale Road which the use of social media helped solve the case in a very efficient manner. Enrique Reyes was arrested for the armed robbery of the Shell Gas Station. Harold Weaver was arrested for the cultivation of 200 marijuana plants in the 5900 block of Roselle Avenue. David Torkelson was also arrested during this investigation for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Kiely added that by the end of 2015, Riverbank Police Services handled approximately 15,000 calls for service. As of Dec. 28, RPS made 1655 traffic stops, issued 1830 citations (traffic and misdemeanor violations), and made a total of 474 arrests in 2015.

“RPS is looking forward to strengthening our partnership with the community we serve,” for the new 2016 new year, Kiely added. “In 2016, we intend to use social media with even greater frequency to assist us with this.”