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Sidewalk Project Delayed By Rain Nears Completion
Prior to pouring the needed asphalt next to the sidewalk corners along Roselle Avenue last week, a worker compacts the dirt to insure the repair wont result in a recess in the road surface. Ric McGinnis/The News


The sidewalk infill project on Roselle Avenue in Riverbank, once on ‘rain delay’ status during the recent series of storms hitting the area, was finally able to resume this past week.

The concrete curbs and required cutouts at the street corners along the project were put on hold when the rain kept the ground too wet to pour concrete, with standing water in the forms that had been constructed.

While the recent dry spell continued last week, the cement was poured and work crews moved on to preparation and pouring of asphalt around the new corners.

The trenches that were cut on the corners had been wet, but were dry enough to proceed last week. Equipment was used to dig out loose dirt, then compact it to allow the asphalt pour. After the road material was poured and leveled, it, too, was compacted.

The project stretched along the west side of Roselle from Patterson Road to Soares Drive, to fill in areas of the street that had sidewalk missing.

As the work nears completion, a question remains. The project is part of recent city-wide efforts to improve handicapped accessibility. But with the construction of the new sidewalks, several areas include utility poles that seem to be directly in the path of potential wheelchair users.