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Water Leak Impacts Park Ridge Area
A workman cuts into the pavement while preparing to replace water pipe at the north end of Oakdale Road on Thursday, April 9. The work was needed after several days of a leak in the water system in the Park Ridge mutual water company, in a residential area that is an island of county property between the end of Oakdale Road and the Stanislaus River, immediately adjacent to the Riverbank city limits. Ric McGinnis/The News


Water service to residents of the Park Ridge area continues following a major leak repair that took several days to accomplish.

The area, which adjoins the city of Riverbank, is at the north end of Oakdale Road at the intersection of Park Ridge Drive, near the Stanislaus River. It’s in an unincorporated neighborhood that has a private, mutual water district. It serves 95 homes in the area.

The major leak happened right at the intersection of the two roads, running across the street and down a hill to a storm drain, according to district board president Steve Hughes. From there, he said it ran into the river.

“We were able to help thousands of salmon fingerlings” with the extra water in the river, he said.

The leak was said to be discovered about 10 p.m. Tuesday night, April 7 but contractors were forced to wait through most of Wednesday while permits were obtained and other utilities under the pavement, like gas lines, water, telephone and cable lines, were identified and marked, before digging could begin.

A temporary collar clamp was applied, which allowed the repairs to take place without interrupting service to the homeowners. Since supply was not disrupted, the water system did not require pressure testing and purification before turning the water back on, according to Hughes. Unfortunately, until the pipe was clamped, gallon upon gallon of water was lost at a time when California residents have been urged to conserve as much water as possible.

Hughes said his water system draws upon two wells for its supply.

At one time, in the early 2000’s, the area was considered for annexation to the city, but residents ultimately weren’t interested. Hughes said sentiments may be different, with changes of ownership over the years.