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MOMMY MUSINGS Outlaws And In-laws
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I'm not sure about how the rest of you are adjusting, but this new cell phone law is truly giving me a run for my money. Now getting into the car means buckling the kids safely in their seats, buckling up myself and making sure my headset is positioned so I can hear the person that might call on the phone and the demands of my two children in the backseat.

All this activity had me so flustered the first day the law went into effect, that I actually caught myself at the end of our driveway with my seatbelt still on my left side. The seatbelt law has never been a challenge or hurdle for me. I lost two special and wonderful people at a young age to car accidents. Not only that but the law went into effect right around the same time I received my driver's license. Now, I'm just plain overwhelmed.

For those of you on Blue Tooth and Jawbone (or whatever it's called), bless you. I gave that route a try and quickly learned with the Blue Tooth in my right ear my children were pretty much shut off from mommy - maybe that's why mommies wear them, hmmm.

Recently I learned something truly shocking - many of my mommy friends have become "outlaws.' Oh yes, you read correctly. Not long ago, during the same week I had conversations with two separate girlfriends that each did the same thing. As I drove down the road with my archaic looking headset in my left ear, catching up with the girls each of them said, "Hang on I see a cop. I have to put the phone down."

In that moment it occurred to me, I'm not the only one struggling with this transition. The main difference of course being I have little faith in myself and am sure if I tried this "outlaw' road, I'd surely be pulled over - with the kids in the car.

I know the arguments of why it's necessary, so please don't send letters. All I'm saying is this is one habit that has become truly hard to break.